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1. Kavi's School of Dance will be presenting multiple dances in the 10 th Naach revolution event on May 16th, 2015.
2. Kavi's School of Dance will be performing along with the Tollywood film industry in the well known TANA International convention on July 3 and 4th 2015 held in Detroit.
3. Kavi's School of Dance will be presenting on Sep 20 all the entertainment for the 'Womaania' event - an all Ladies nite organised in NJ that will be attended by 3000 ladies. They will be sharing the stage along with the Tollywood film and tv industry artists. It will be a spectacle to watch the local U.S talent and the India talent entertain the big roaring crowd.
4. Will be performing at the Saint Patrick's health Fair on Sept 28, 2013.
5. Will be competing in TFAS dance competitions in Oct 2013.
6. Will be performing for Diwali celebrations in Bridgewater in Nov 2013.
7. Will be competing in Naya Andaaz in April 2014.
8. Will be competing in various categories of Naach Revolution in May 2014.
9. Will be presenting dances at the iaogsc 25 th Anniversary celebrations.
10. Will be competing at the Indo-American dance festival in July 2014.
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