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We came to Kavi's school of dance in Edison to get the best of both flavors of dance - classical & non-classical (had been looking for a while for a good school on fusion dance). The way Kavi choreographs her dance is true to the word - FUSION. Her passion for dance is seen in her graceful & energetic moves which kindles a new interest in kids and inspires them. She is also very patient and loving in moulding and bringing out the best in them. My girls can't wait for their class and are disappointed when missed :).

Though it's just the first year, we are hopeful and sure that our relationship with Kavi and Kavi's school of dance would go a long way.
Mom - Jaya Madhuri Polavarapu
Students - Darshini (7 yrs) & Pranathi Bandapalli (5 Yrs)
My hearty Congratulations to Kavita for receiving the most outstanding school of the year award and good luck to reach greater heights.. just like China wall. It's not an easy task to make the little ones do perfect on the stage. hats off to your immense patience too.
Mom - Maithili Kongara
Daughter - Nitya Bolla
I wanted to let you know that I truly enjoyed dancing with you and the group. You are such a talented and beautiful dancer and teacher and it was such an honor to be on stage with you.
Thank you for your patience with me and for the opportunity!
Nita Bardolia
I feel privileged to have danced with all of you in the first place . Thanks to Kavita for giving me this opportunity Not having danced ever before and to dance on such a platform was definitely challenging to me.
All of you gave your best.
It was a fun experience that I will cherish.
See you in classes.
Anita Ganti
The older I get, the more I appreciate what Kavi has been able to give us and bring out in us all.Not many people are lucky enough to have an outlet for creativity through something they are passionate about. It's easy to get bogged down in our everyday lives with work, family, errands etc.
It's been so wonderful to have dance in my life.
So thank you!
Kavita is one of the most talented choreographer I have seen. Her choreographies are very energetic and a good mix of all dance forms.. Kavita keeps things interesting by presenting the most complicated moves in a manner that is simple enough for the little ones to follow but still challenging enough to bring them out of comfort zone and stretch their limits. The effort she puts into every choreography is phenomenal. Best thing about Kavi's school though is every student in her class gets equal stage exposure, there are never any auditions and rejections , every student who is willing to go on stage is given an opportunity. My 6 year old daughter has been going to Kavi's Bollywood & Bharatanatyam classes for last 1 year. She absolutely loves and adores her Kavi Aunty and looks forward to every class.
Thank you so much Kavita for bringing my Daughter closer to my roots:)
Megha Deshmukh
Kavi's School of Dance has transformed my life in so many ways. I never expected that 1 year after taking my first steps in Kavi's Bolly Fusion class I would be performing for her in major dance competitions and high-profile events. The new style of dance and choreography was truly a challenge and I wondered how I would fit in with the group. But, Kavi and the wonderful women I met in her class made me feel welcome and supported.

By taking Kavi's classes and from our many rehearsals I gained a sense of accomplishment and confidence that carries far past the dance floor. I increased my physical endurance and delightedly discovered just how much my body is capable of doing. But the biggest reward, far greater than the trophies we received for our performances, are the friendships I have formed and the bonds created with my amazing fellow dancers. Each week, despite our busy lives, we come together to dance as one. We laugh together, we share our stories and we make memories to last a lifetime.
Thank you Kavi for the opportunity to dance with you!
I hope others try your classes and reward
themselves with the gift of dance.
Lauren Borawski
From ballet to jazz, modern or hip hop, I have always loved to dance, being a part of Kavi’s dance school has opened up a whole new style of dance for me. My time with this group introduced to one of the most integrative styles of dance. The moves were relevant and fun, never feeling repetitive and every second was always high energy. The people in the group were warm and inviting, there was never that competitive feeling that exists in most dance groups. My experience has made me want to learn more and keep diving into the world of this style of movement.
Hi Kavita,
I want to let you know how I much enjoy your bollyfusion classes and how I look forward to every wed mornings. Love those song choices and the moves. My 12 yrs old twin daughters Deepa and Roopa are also so lucky to be in your bollywood classes and enjoy all the stage performances which would not be possible without your motivation and hardwork. You have the unique ability to make the classes fun and energetic for adults and kids. It is such a pleasure knowing you not just as an instructor but a great friend. I have seen you come a long way in such a short time.
Great job and Best wishes!
Anitha Irakam
My daughter Emma who is 10 years old has been taking Kavita's dance classes for around 2 years. She has learned so many new dance moves and techniques after taking her class. Emma eagerly looks forward to the classes every Sunday. Kavita is a very graceful/talented dancer and  teaches her students with dedication and passion. We would highly recommend her classes to anyone interested in learning Bharatnayam/Bollywood dance!
Kavi is by far one of the most talented and graceful dancers that I have seen. Her background in classical dancing makes it easy for her to pick up various forms of dances with ease. I am impressed with her ability to improvise based on the audience! In my case, I have attended her Bollyfusion class in Lifetime Fitness and both my girls learn dance from her. For folks interested in some creative workout, she gives the perfect balance of aerobics and choreography. For my 5 year old who has been learning dance since she was 4, Kavi keeps it interesting and the steps are easy enough for little kids (some of whom are still trying to learn left from right). And the options that she offers for the kids in her regular Bharatnatyam class are the perfect blend of Bollywood and hardcore classical Bharatnatyam. My daughter also attended her International dance summer camp where kids sampled all kinds of dances from Bollywood, Salsa, Jazz, Belly dance and Meringue. There is no doubt about Kavi’s passion or talent...the quality that sets her aside is her patience and willingness to teach young aspiring girls the art of dance! We highly applaud her efforts and recommend her class!

 Harsha Bennur,
Program Manager,
Microsoft Enterprise services.

If you are looking to have some fun, tone your body, lose some weight and meet some really nice people Kavi’s Bollywood class is exactly what you are looking for.  Kavi is one of the best instructors I have ever had the pleasure to work with (over the years I have participated in many different exercise classes such as aerobics, Zumba, toning, boot camp, etc.)  She breaks down each dance step-by-step making it very easy to catch on and makes sure that you have it down correctly.  As your confidence level grows she adds new dances so you don’t get bored doing the same thing.  The music is up-beat and enjoyable to listen to.  
Kavi demonstrated her amazing skills as a dancer by showing us one of the new dance routines she choreographed.  Her movements are so fluid and her facial expressions are sweet, demure and sexy all at the same time.
 I can’t wait for “Dance Night” each week and when you walk out of class you feel GREAT!
Susan Tomsky
I love Kavi’s routines.  It’s much more than an exercise workout.  One minute I’m wondering if I can keep up, the next minute I find myself giggling along with the creative moves.  Even though you’re working hard, and sweating hard, the routines are beautiful movements that make you feel free and beautiful.  Her routines are infectious; you’ll want to dance with Kavi everyday! 
Maria McCoy
Kavi is an excellent fitness instructor. Her classes are full of energy and FUN!! I look forward to her class after a hectic day at work. She is the BEST!
Swroop Sahota
Hi Kavi,
Just wanted to let you and my fellow Bollyfusion enthusiasts know, how much I enjoy your classes. After the days work I am always eagerly waiting to get out of daily routine ( which can get boring at times ) and join you and rest of the group. We always have such a great time, working out together, to the highly uplifting music and and grooving to the moves I never thought I was capable of. It initially seems difficult to a novice like I was in the beginning, but it definitely gets better and better the more time we spend with you. Your moves are so smooth, the choreography is so beautiful and you are so full of life, you truly inspire us. You also always make sure that no one is left behind and is able to do the best they physically can. Can't have enough of it, wish I can do it every day.
Good luck for your continued success ( and mine too, I think I may just reach my goal of weight loss, if I keep going. )
best regards
Kanan Mehta
Kavi is an enthusiastic dance instructor. Her skill and exhibited passion for Indian classical dance inspires us through every move. If you are bored with the traditional exercise routine then this is for you. Get ready to move shimmy away the calories with Kavi.
Shakira M. Brown
Award-winning PR and Branding Expert
I have been taking Kavi’s class for about two months now and am completely enjoying myself.  Although this style of dance is new and therefore challenging, Kavi makes it easy to learn.  She is a gifted teacher in breaking down movement and in also teaching the meaning of the dances.  I find the techniques earthy and culture rich and especially enjoy the traditional folk type dances.  And when the class wears traditional clothing, the percussion sounds from the clothing add a dimension of fun that makes the entire class laugh and smile.  Having a blast! 
Thank you Kavi
Berkeley Heights
Hi Kavi,
You are an excellent Bollyfusion instructor. You inspire everyone with your grace, style, choreography and your expertise in indian classical, belly dancing, salsa and Bollywood style dancing. I get a great workout and have fun at the same time! This is one workout I will never complain about:-) The workout is quite intense with some fun dance steps from different genres! Every friend I introduced to the class only has one word "Excellent"! And they also say that you make the difference! I totally agree with them! I am a big fan of your workout routines which have the most panache! I hope you will make a video and inspire more people.
Best Wishes
Usha Kotamarti.

Hi Kavita
I just wanted to let you know that I love your dance class because you make it great!  I love how you give us the translations of the music which so nicely coordinates with the moves that we are doing.  You have just the right balance of difficulty level and always keep it interesting.  You inspire us all as it is just beautiful to watch you dance! 

Carla Goodstein

Hofmann Design Build
Design Manager
973-998-6820 Ext 105,

Hi Kavi,
The Bollywood Dance Class that Kavi Mohan teaches is absolutely fantastic! When I originally signed up, it was out of my comfort zone, but I wanted to give it a try. I immediately fell in love with the dance moves, the music and the incredible Kavi! She's an amazing dancer and choreographer and a patient, warm person as well. The classes are so much fun, that you forget you are exercising and you dance one hour and a lot of calories away! You don't have to be a good dancer (which I painfully admit that I am not), but just keep moving and having fun. You truly get out of it what you put in, I am a faithful devotee to this class and hope Kavi continues to teach this class for a long time to come.

Sondra Barrison
Watchung, NJ

Hi Kavi,
I enjoy your Thursday evening Bollywood class at Lifetime. I love the warm-up segment of the class, and the cool down is nice, too. I especially love all the sexy movements---the sexier, the better! I am happy you now usually face the mirrors when teaching the dances, as it is easier to follow that way. The music is great, and you are a beautiful dancer. I like your spirit and energy. It would be easier for me to learn the choreography if you would do it along with us a little more often. It was fun to wear the coin hip skirts you brought in. Thanks for bringing a great form of dance to Lifetime..I will be trying to get to your class each Thursday.

Marilyn Joseph

Hi Kavita,
My name is Rebecca I have been attending your bollywood class for the past few weeks and I really enjoy it!! I am practicing the moves at home but I am going crazy because I can not remember all of them!! I was wondering if there was any way for you to post the moves or some type of helper online so that my practicing can be a little more effective?!?

Thank you so much!! See you nextThursday,

Hi Kavita,
I wanted to let you know that I loved your class! Last Thursday I took my 1st Bollywood class. It was so much fun! I am a little older and stayed in the back of the class. I hope to improve over time and stand in the 1st row right behind you.

Debbie Lagzdins.

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